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Thank you for your insightful article on nihilism. I always had a feeling that there was a word for the way that I felt about the world, and more importantly, people who felt like me. I just didn't know what it was. Thank you for clearing it up.
Matt [January 4, 2005]

By: a human, September 27, 2004

just a question, how can you say from a subjective point of view that reality is what it is. I am what you may call a nihilist but ultimately how can anything, including reality been know to "exist". How do you know our senses are lying to us is that not possible.

And you mention faith. Ultimately no faith is credible, but ultimately can you prove that the Olympians gods, the Judeo-Christian God, Superman, or the Jedi or anything else cannot exist given our finite and ultimately pointless "understanding" of the "existence" around us?
Sam [July 30, 2004]

Our senses and also our human brains have evolved to fit a certain range of experiences and events. For instance the eye is receptive to a very narrow range of radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum but we canít detect x-rays for instance. But as in the case of x-rays we can still deduce that they exist from the effects. Everything about realty is an issue of cause and effect, of deducing a source from an event. When these connections are shown to be consistent throughout time and space they are considered to be objective phenomena existing outside the realm of simple human perceptions.

Our senses do Ďlieí to us, especially from events that occur outside the usual framework of expectations, but this Ďlieí is only because every human sense has to be interpreted by the mind. The lie can be identified through comparisons and alternative sources.

Itís impossible to prove a negative, which is why religions still cling leech-like to so many human minds even in the 21st century. If I make up a fantasy that has no capacity to be checked or verified then how can you or anyone else prove it doesnít exist? The question to ask is not 'how can we disprove one fantasy after another' but rather: 'who cares, what bearing and effect does the fantasy actually have on daily life?!'


 PART ONE: Life in general.

 Life and death are two things in life, so to say, that come and go  regularly. But there are some conditions and circumstances that pertain to the forced death of someone. Also, the disputed "murder" of something. This is where the various subtopics will be introduced.

But to begin with death, we must first begin with the topic of life itself. Being a fragile, hopeless, and beautiful thing all at once, life can cause and effect several things. One of these is the absense of life, or mortality. An example of something it can affect would be other lives.

Technology and civilization have, through centuries of cultivation, made life coexistence and interaction much easier. But has this done less good than harm? While civilization has evolved, it has adapted to ways of justifying bloodshed for profit, killing in the name of freedom and peace, and murder for security and protection from "evil doers". Through civilized methods of living, humans have made it to where the human race must exist and be convenienced at the expense of others. This arrogance caused by the fascist that is nature creates this bottom line- We're all born to die. So in the case of living, is this the price we have to pay to exist? Is this the price others have to pay for us to exist? Will the human race return the earth to how it originally was, or will it descimate what it has already begun to destroy?

Rather than to focus mainly on the bad, the pros of human life on earth must be visited. Although we are all natural consumers, humans have found ways to help repair the damage done. Examples of this are recycling, conservation, dietary habits (such as vegetarianism), cleaning up trash/hazardous waste, and environmental protection. Although many of us care about the way the human race has affected the earth, a very small percentage of that fraction do anything to help.

Through civilization, human race has brought yet another important factor: society. Although societies are natural and have been around since the invention of language and creation of communication, the society of humans has been the one to advance the greatest. But again, has this advance done more good than harm? Of course we can't possibly go back into the past at this point, we cant do much to prevent it. Therefore, we're victims of life because we didn't choose to be born or choose where to be born. This is the problem with birth that strikes me as the most agrivating.

Modern human society (most specifically, the United States) has become a hectic race for power. Patriotism, religion, and discrimination have destroyed all aspects of dignity in human life and continue to fool us all with warped meanings and contradicting aspects. In just about every aspect of the business society, there is an example of how speed and quantity overcome quality and how all of this ties into the true essense of human life. Not only that, but hierarchial classes, despotism, and class struggle affected living conditions of the upper, wealthy, powerful and merciless, to the lower, poor, weak, and merciful. But what about the middle? The middle class is more of a pawn than anything else. It's played for it's "worth" and  then "dumped" into the lower class. Or maybe some individual from the middle class has the lack of self-conscience required to kiss ass and climb the  hierarchial ladder. The middle class is a filler, the gap, the fools of the  hierarchial system. The middle class is just there to take up space, they are what keeps the political system in any society regulated and pacified. Regardless, this is how the system has existed for centuries. Is this freedom, or is this oppression?

Moving on, I would like to explain the conception of the individual. A human individual is equipped with a mind and a body to assist the mind. I see the mind as the basic source of anything in the body mainly because it is where the individual is run and controlled. Without a mind, an individual cannot function. But what matters most of all is the human ability to form an opinion. Whatever the eyes see, the mind takes in. And whatever processes is the opinion. Sometimes, however, the mind can question what it sees. But if the mind sees no other alternatives, it sees it's opinion as factual law. Just like how the early human may have first perceived religion. They saw things happen around them and knew that they could not possibly do that, such as moving water, lighting, wind, fire, thunder, precipitation, etc. Thus, they came to the conclusion that there must be something out there with more power than them. When they felt helpless and insecure, they turned to that power as a sense of faith and security. But this out-of-contexted "OPINION" was manipulated by individuals who believed that this "power" could be used to set in line society and get them to believe and do anything that the leader wished. Dissent was rebelling against the Almighty Power!

Dissent was rare due to the problem of which there is either a lack of factual information (or information in general, just words without detail, proof or explanation of why or how), or something biased used in a way to careen your attention away from the underlying topic. This could be anything form a controversial issue that a majority of people would have some sort of poignant attraction (or detraction) to, to a wrongly or falsely investigated case in news. For example, there could be a homeless person who has a family and is sick of being left out on the streets with nothing, and they rob, kill or harm something in order to get what they NEED, not necessarily what they want. Coverage of this on the news may warp the real reason why they killed or stole, saying that they had an disease, mental illness, or that they're clinically insane. This would be a reason to lock them up in jail. Or, in the case of the NYPD, a reason to patrol and kill off all the poor striving just to live up to their stolen and false aspirations. But is this murder either way in any way justifiable?

By Andy June 28, 2004; also published at The Revolt Press.

Could you please tell me the difference between existentialism and nihilism.
Or direct me to where i could find the answer.
 - Melissa

Existentialism is a category of philosophy that deals with the individual and their struggle to interact in life and define what is real; it concerns the difficulties of existence, hence the name. Famous existentialists include Sartre and Kierkegaard. Existentialism constructs elaborate philosophical structures trying to define some basic terms and it can all get quite murky but basically existentialism concludes that everyone is isolated and life is just angst.

Existentialism and nihilism have similarities and differences. Existentialism starts with many of the same issues as nihilism such as defining real, the nature and purpose of existence and the nature of individual goals too. Nihilism at root is significantly simpler than existentialism because it rejects those philosophical constructions and the intangibles that create endless debate. I suppose the primary difference is that existentialists maintain a set of beliefs that eventually builds to state that unhappiness can be overcome but nihilism would maintain that unhappiness is either inevitable or irrelevant.

Itís difficult to provide a concise answer to you question, especially given the multiple views and prejudices floating around concerning existentialism and nihilism. Author Robert G. Olson, who wrote the book An Introduction to Existentialism, calls existentialism nihilism in effect but not in intent. I think that sums it up pretty well. Existentialism is really just taking the very long and torturous route only to get to nihilism in the end. - Freydis, May 2004.

i broke away from catholicism in particualr, christianity and organized religions in general, several years ago. and i left in search of, at first, other points of view... trying to create an amalgam of all the ideologies and theologies and philosophies out there... in search of that "golden mean".... imagine my surprise when i read your "What is Nihilism" essay only to discover that i'm a nihilist. that last paragraph really clinched it for me.

and here i thought i was onto to something original.

the power is in our hands. to better this world, or to let it degenerate. i'm gonna continue checkin out your site.

Erik Bauer

I have a question. It may sound like a fundamentalist question but I am just curious and I need an answer. Do you believe, or think, or even doubt in your mind that perhaps Jesus existed? If the answer is yes, does he not warrant even just a nod of approval for what he tried to do. I have read the counterorder site and I keep balancing in between different perspectives. I mean, is religion really that awful? I know it's not a perfect system but it does seem to keep people's minds occupied and by applying the morals I think it can make the world a better place. I believe that the message Jesus gave out, which basically was "love thy neighbor as thyself" is a very universal message. Imagine if people followed that code, would that be such a bad thing? I find your writings to be very interesting and very logical in many aspects, though sometimes it seems you give in to your subjective thoughts. Please respond with any kind of answer, I want to be convinced.  From: anonymous (per request)

Those are some important questions to ask. As far as Jesus, I wouldnít be blown away if some archeological evidence for instance turned up to show he was a real person. But the existence of Jesus doesnít validate the Christian belief set. The supernatural events supposedly associated with Jesus canít be proven nor can any of the promises made to believers in the Bible. Heaven, angels, all the mystical characters of the Bible, where do these things exist? How do they interact with reality? They donít! We might as well believe in purple elves that dance around mushrooms and promise to deliver us to the magical kingdom of peace on Pluto after we die just as long as we have faith they are real. Itís all just the wild imagination of ancient writers and the misty eyed testament of preachers and zealots that perpetuate it all.

On the surface religion does seem to benefit people, for instance the religious tend to be more disciplined and friendly. But the reason they are nice is so that others will want to adopt their beliefs and the reason they are disciplined is to set an example as an ambassador of their belief set so to speak. Further these positive attributers are basically universal throughout the believers. So even the most far-out UFO cult or the most mainstream Christian believer they all will be acting this way. I mean this is in general, of course regardless of the group or belief your going to find a few jerks and a few crazies, etc. Even people that have no spiritual guidance can gain these positive attributes say like those that study marital arts. So in this case religion is just a focus for the mind, a reference point for people to balance their lives, a reference I might add that could be substituted with something rooted in reality and gain the same benefits.

But nonsensical beliefs should never be let off the hook Ė how many have needlessly died in religious wars? How many people did the Catholic church torture for heresy or apostasy or whim? Religion is an excuse, it uses morality to justify the unjustifiable and stifle dissent, to do things that no one would approve of otherwise Ė exploitation, violence, injustice, terrorism, suffering, and on it goes.

The message Jesus handed out is fine, I mean I agree, I think we should treat others as we wish to be treated too. But nobody needs Jesus to do that. Buddhism is basically the same, albeit a bit more extreme because it carries over to animals and plants and anything else that could be animate.

People are always going to fight over something, but why give them religion too, why another reason to divide into sides and go at it and make the world and everyone in it go through hell? I think it boils down to the fact that when people fight over rational things like say water-rights, then a solution is always possible. But when they fight in an irrational mode over things that canít even be measured like Ďmy God is stronger than your Godí then it never ends. How long have Muslims and Hindus been fighting in India? How long have Jews been battling Muslims? How many crusades have been fought under the Holy Cross? Enough already. Time to stop acting stupid and start thinking.

I hope that wasnít overkill or excessive given your very reasonable question. Anyway, thanks for your letter.

Freydis 19.01.04


What is openmindedness, I struggle now to think a different way & in doing so i had an epiphony, defy your mind, what i mean by that is simply to think about somthing, analyze it, over & over & then try to think of a different way entirely. To constantly defy what you percieve reality to be in turn making yourself more open minded, & in doing so you may achieve a level of clarity like the great philosopher Socrates, but ironically in doing this, you actually see things as a child, because if you think about it logically, you are seeing things again for the first time as a child of mind, this may be bordering on what we deem insane in this cumbersome culture, but the great philosophers were pretty much defying how their culture thought ; paving the way for the next generation of free thinking peoples & alienating the majority of the populous who didn't like very much to be told they in actuality know nothing, and lived very humble, poor in wealth lives (albeit intel!lectually fullfilling) and hated by the prominent religions for trying to free peoples minds, instead of telling them THIS IS THE WAY THINGS ARE. Everything is conditioned in our society as well as others, because that is the way we learn, but can we go beyond this, can we see that maybe that was necessary to learn for awhile till you come to a certain point in your life, then realize this is only like that to get me to where I am now, now I have realized what life was like in reflection, and to see that I can easily become complacent in what i thought i knew by the pre conditioning our society has laid upon us.
It's funny, if someone asked a question like "Are we the toy of some alien creature etc", I would have said anything is possible almost instinctually, sort of laid onto us by such shows as star trek, but now that i actually analyze this statement, I was saying that simply to impress other people in what i thought was openmindedness, but did I actually contemplate this question beyond how we are taught to think, the answer of course is NO. But now as the epiphony passes, it makes me giggle in a childlike reverie and i can sit here in quiet contemplation for hours ( I think i finally have an understanding of the techniques of meditation, once I would have said what a boring way to spend your life but now i see it truly is contemplation), now yes i'm sure i may be called a lunatic by some, but I don't really care on how my thinking is viewed, i am however self conscious about the way i carry myself, how i sound, what i look like etc etc, which has all been conditioned into us,! Now you may ask yourself well isn't that just what life is, but why should it be like that, just because you were taught somthing, doesn't mean it's right and why should it, we talk of evolution , but how can we ever hope to get beyond this when we keep ourselves here as prisoners, hardly anyone questions things, we all just sit here complacently doing what we know. Do these things matter, caring on how your physical appearance attracts the opposite sex is very important in our culture, actually in analyzing it is the whole basis for why we do anything, besides essential survival instincts, which reproduction ironically falls under. Now what I have stated makes me somewhat vulnerable to being categorized as eccentric or bordering on insanity possibly as pre determined by our cultural unwritten laws.

What is openmindedness really, we try to give designation to a concept that is everchanging , and in some respect defies being labeled but of course the humane qualities in us force it to be given a label for terminology's sake, but how can you define the undefineable because the second we think of somthing else, such as the possibility that we could be the plaything of some alien entity, that it shifts, because now that can be an accepted thought & now to think that possibility isn't exactly openminded, it's not your thought, it was based on someone elses thought and we do not really have imaginations, only memory recall, plus what i'd like to call good accesorization which without would surely leave us devoid of any type of dynamic concepts or progress. Anyhow, contemplating that once alien concept is now an acceptable ponderance, as we learn from things such as Star Trek, which endeavors to think of itself as a parallel for what life could be like in some idealistic! society, but it is still stuck in what we consider human thought (probably cause we don't know anything else).

The philosophicity & relevance of this question I believe is to attain an understanding of why we are where we are & can't get past some of these initial concepts, so we are actually stuck in our evolution of the mind because we can't seem to get beyond the reproductive aspects and why these procreational ideas come into play are simply we fear death, so we want a part of us to go on, it is a struggle against death, living beings are all fighting nonexistence, and striving for immortality. You may ask yourself what is the point of being immortal, defeating time, it would seem to expand our knowledge, to learn more and gain a heightened sense of awareness. So we want infinite knowledge to achieve infinite power, but these are human concepts & we allow them to remain as they are, let's break society down (as much as I abhorr to categorize it is indeed human nature to do so ["Thou Shalt Not Judge" really, {note my sarcasm} ] the "intellectualls" or what they'd like to think !of themselves as, would understand and/or agree with my views. Some would discuss them with me and point what they think are flaws or whatnot and some would think I'm a moron that has no idea what he's talking about, among the common people, they'd either get bored of what I'm philosophizing and tell me so or tell me I am a deep thinker and then change the topic to the suberbowl. Now the "morons" or intellectually devoid, would think I'm crazy cause I'm just blabbering words or would just tell me to pray and believe in god then smile and offer more cookies. I am breaking this down to show the pertinence of it. It takes a majority to change a society, & unfortunately the intellectually enlightnened are in minority as they always have been, so it seems we will be stuck in a perpetual cycle of non-progression of mind.

By khorne


No questions, no criticism!

Just a big thank you for having this web up! I finally found something worth reading in this trash internet world! I have no words to describe my delight when I found your page! I though I was all alone in this world; that didnít really bother me though cause I donít mind spiritual solitude. It just made me wonder and sometimes angry with human nature.

All the pages Iíve found in the past about Nihilism were just another illogical, mislead, hooligan commercial, signifying - once again with the archetype fear of death - a form of religion. That basically makes me sick!

So thank you! Thank you for your work, thank you for your effort and thank you for your time on this page!

Yours truly,
Alexandra N.S.
[October 2003]

This website is a pillar of inspiration and support for me. I thank you for that. My hat goes off to you truthspeaker.
asylum seaker
[September 2003]

"you have created the most informative and excellent site. congrats and thankyou." [August 2003]

I finished reading "The Will to Power" and decided to do some web research on nihilism. Your page is amazing and solidifies my belief that all of what I believed is false. Being force fed religion my whole life naturally has made growing up an emotionally taxing endeavor. Every day in church I would instantly catch contradictions and question every notion of right and wrong. It made me feel horrible and left me crying out to a God that never answered my prayers. Years later and after almost countless thoughts of just ending my life I've broken the bonds of faith. The only negative product is the bitterness I feel towards religion. Rage would probably be a better word to describe it. That, however, is another story. I just really enjoyed reading your webpage and wanted to give my thanks.

Adam Hakli

[August 2003]

Nothing is perfect
in the space where nothing exists
will one find perfection
the perfect nothing

accept nothing as fact
question everything
determine your own truth
define yor own reality


[August 2003]

The content on the first page really have substance in it.

I say this because today is the first day I became aware of this word Nihilism. But what all my life's experiences and observations culminate to, is something very similar.

Thanks for your efforts to maintain the website. I will explore it more.

Malik Jahanzeb

[August 2003]

All cities must be destroyed. Man must be destroyed. Man must destroy himself. This is what must be done, in order to save the sphere in the universe whose purpose it is to sustain life. Currently, this planet is ignored. Its process for human salvation in now seen to be unworthy, even if thought about, in the light of our own process we believe to be better. Our system is egotistical relative to the consideration of other organisms. Humans are inferior because we have a mind that allows for decision making, allows for ideals. This so called intelligence is a flaw, it is the destructive element on the planet that may spread through the universe eventually causing the implosion of existence.

This destruction shall be thwarted by another sort of destruction that will begin on a small scale. Destruction must be done to any human being and in the end to yourself. War is not sufficient because temporary resolution called peace or cold war entails. Plus there must be action on one side only, at least in the beginning. The other side must be innocent. The innocence will allow for more destruction. Some may plan to prevent destruction, but innovation shall prevail and ways around prevention shall be discovered. War is bad, though, it is destructive, because acts are committed with the expectation of reward. One fights to gain that which is desired. The reward is just another part of the human effect to maintain the preservation of ideals. In war's destruction one wishes to have as a reward the preservation of one's existence, one's idealism. One thinks and desires about how to fulfill and uphold these ideals with faith and other illusions. With the preferred type of destruction, death occurs for the extinction of humankind and for no other reason. When an individual kills another individual one does it to further the path of extinction and not for personal gain.

Your last movement shall be your last heartbeat. The last heartbeat is salvation. This will bring you closer to the sublime. The sublime is death. Do not fight death, but let it devour you so you may become death. By Anonymous, submitted 22.07.02


my name is garrett and i'm a high school student in maryland. last week my english teacher gave our class a writing assignment based on a question we chose from a list. the question i chose was:

"What factors hinder or promote unity in society?"

when i read this question i immediately thought of nihilism and your web site. i wrote the essay, and i did a good job, but my teacher gave me a C+. i don't think she appreciated my outward attack on religion and government. after writing the essay i was wondering if you could give me some insight by telling me your answer to this question. i would be extremely interested in your answer and would like to compare it to mine. besides books, most the things i've learned about nihilism is from your web site so hearing your input would be great.

-Garrett [May 2002 ]

We as Americans claim to be free, yet we are nothing but over-paid slaves to over-powered corporations.

We as Americans claim to be free, yet there are so many of us who live under the oppression of poverty, those that starve in the midst of plenty.

Our Government does nothing to move us towards the goal of Utopia; instead they maintain the system, which has become more important in the mind of some Americans than the people it was intended to serve.

Our alleged freedom is a mockery.   Yes we should be grateful we are better off than some, perhaps even most, but just because we're getting pissed on when we could have been getting shit on doesn't mean we should be happy with the way things are. By Tekneklee Korect


Of course, in the current era, we are referring to low intensity cultural conflict, info war or psyops. One of the great aims of generalship throughout history has been to reduce the will of one's enemy to resist. Usually this employed shock assault tactics, rapid movement and annhilation on the frontiers of a society so that the target headquarters would experience panic and internal dissention over the wisdom of resistance. In an info war setting, the aim is to blind, decoy, confuse and panic the enemy, to make them too stupid to win, or worse, to even know there is a war going on.

The aim of fascism is to control all strategic world raw materials so their artificial scarcity can be manipulated to bludgeon nations seeking autonomy (the contol over development of their natural wealth) into conformity Fascism is a mafia run at the top by remnants of feudal aristocracy. It wants to be a caste system with a protected revetment of controller oligarchs and it wants to base its empire of economies upon wage salvery.

Achieving this aim is the cause for virtually all human conflict. The cultural tools available to the latifundist ground rent speculator capitalists are media, religion, education and separatist sub-cultures. The tactics employed are disinformation, suppression and fear mongering. These tactics are facilited by insulated cut-out agents who are the transducer operatives receiving policy directives from think tanks and Bilderberger type cabals, sanitizing them and making them palatable to field operatives who then implement fascist policy all the while thinking they are doing something quite different.

A case in point was the U.N. arms embargo against Bosnia, essentially opening the way for genocide, forced migration and the razing of cities. This was done for the noblest of reasons, presumably to keep the brushfire from consuming the Balkans and threatening a confrontation with a crippled and unpredictable Russia; yet the result was an inhuman spectacle that hardly raised a whimper among the western intelligentsia.

These fascist policies are allowed to turn the corner and be implemented by idealists who have lost the capacity to analyse their own chain of command and resist instructions that appear to be coming from within their own camp. Their interpretive frame of reference is superficial, emotional, and robotic. The primary method of insuring the stupification of a population is ideology propped up by a seeming democratic panoply of media info dissemination. But in reality this panoply is monopolized by trained cut-out agents or their stooges so that on key issues, dissent is stiffled and uniformity of response is assured.

The gay vanguard group Act Up is now isolated and anathemized within its community becasue it managed to throw off the shackles of conformity to hidden agenda engineering and demand that certain resources be used in a certain way, ie., they analyzed the inneffectiveness of AIDS research and were demanding a crash program of research regardless of cost. Immediately the gay rags began to distance themselves from Act Up and via rumor and inuendo, Act Up's position within gay affairs was undermined. There is today virtually no resistance to the slow grind down of the gay world and absolutely no resistance to the genocidal progress of AIDS in the 3rd world.

Ideology is like religion in that it creates a method of interpreting events which does not include itself as one of those events, ie., it is incapable of self awareness and self analysis. Consequently, ideology cannot be upgraded and is doomed to be surprised by obsolescence. Nobody saw the end of the Soviet Union coming.

Dumbing down projects can be covert or overt. The overt guises typically are presented as progressive programs. "Outcomes Based Education" (OBE) almost became the next wave of education reforms, until it became clear to various conservative watchdogs that it was designed to create a generation of burger flippers
and receptionists in a complete abandonment of principles of excellence for a pragmatic relativist approach whereby industry could submit a request list for X number of assembly line drones, Y number of bookkeepers and Z number of janitorial staff and the local school system would obligingly turn out the requisite staffing with the requesite I.Q.'s.

The covert dumbing down of a population can occur in many subtle ways, from the fostering of gangster cultures and the casino spectacle in its many media guises, to the creation of artificial appetites for such parasite concepts as tabloidism in media, fundamentalism in religion, pop-psychology. new age pop-spiritualism, to fear mongering via a spectrum of armageddons- nuclear, biological, environmental, economic, racial, etc.

A dumbed down population will chronically overlook the root causes of civil disorganization and corruption. A lobotomized public has bad target aquisition. Such a population will be unable to effectively end the many feudal exploitations alive in the world, such as the well advertised destruction of the rain forest, for example, because they remian chronically and clinically and criminally unaware of the root causes. Targetting the landowners or governments involved is futile. Without understanding international debt servicing via cash crop agriculture, the multinational debt holders will continue to operate free and clear of scruitiny. When was the last "60 Minutes" segment you saw dissecting the inner agendas of the World Bank or the IMF or the Bank of International Settlements? You never heard of the Bank of International Settlements, right?

What progressive humanity must learn to accomplish is to dissassemble the mechanisms of stooge creation and puppetry. Towards this end the Internet provides the most powerful weapon for the amplification of human intelligence the planet has yet experienced. Not owning a computer with an internet account should be a punishable offense. By Artist Walter Alter

To live or to die, does it really matter because we have no purpose in life? I may pray that we do, but at most, it is simply to suffer. But humanity does have a purpose. It is written into our genes and we have adapted to it from the beginning of humans as a race, and are even extended into the animal kingdom, and into absolutely every living thing. To reproduce extensively and randomly. It is a proven scientific fact that the feeling of 'love' is in all actuality, simply an action of male and female Pheromones, and we perceive the Pheromones form the opposite sex, and pick up the reaction of 'love' or 'lust'. Also, this theory of random reproduction agrees with many of the facts of human reproduction. The pleasure derived from sex, and society's obsession. We as a human race have been programmed for tens of thousands of years to regard it as this, and our genes have been programmed to use all of these attributes to its furthest advantage, and to keep up its systematic reproduction of genes. Man is programmed to spread our species as far as possible, to conquer nature and conquer others. Because of this, we have been programmed to be selfish, greedy, unempathetic, and hateful to those not like them. We do have a meaning, but it is far dimmer than most would like it to be. By kampahana

Subject: Nihilism

I would just like to inform you of what your website has done for me. I work in a bakery from 5am to 1pm, day in and day out, so I have little time to spend in a social atmosphere. Such situations obviously lead to introspection. I have developed certain feelings, mindsets, and world view, and yet, I did not know what they are. What your website has done for me, is give me a name to place on the change I've undergone, and for that, I'm grateful to you. Thank you.

From: Adam P. [April 2001]

Subject: Nihilism's Homepage

I have been going to your site for the past couple months now and have to say it is quite inspirational. I had been having nihlistic thoughts before which were rather depressing but thought I was the only one. I then saw the movie Fight Club and immediatly read the book. I had seen  the word nihilist used before to describe the book so I looked it up on the web and stumbled upon your site. I must say I have read every article on the site and enjoyed everyone of them. So today I saw the new layout  and the new article and decided to give some feedback. Perhaps I could send you an article about the economy? I tend more towards the Austrian School but I see so many flaws in the current system that it is calling out for criticism.

From: David N. [October 2000]

Subject: Good job

No rants or sympathy....just wanted to say that you did an excelent job on your essay on Nihilism. Really good stuff. My hat's off to ya.


From: George R. [August 1999]

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"The precise moment at which a great belief is doomed is easily recognizable; it is the moment when its value begins to be called into question." - Gustave Le Bon


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